In accordance with Arizona Supreme Court regulations – a refund will not be granted after your defensive driving class has begun.
The court diversion fee is refundable only if:
  • The officer fails to file the citation with the court, or
  • The citation is dismissed by the court for any other reason, or
  • The student doesn’t complete the class, or
  • The student doesn’t complete the class within 7 days prior to their court date and the court rejects the completion
Arizona Supreme Court does not refund the state fees to a school or a student if:
  • The student has started the class or
  • For an ineligible violation or
  • For an ineligible student who attends a defensive driving course.
The school will refund all fees collected (minus $15 Administrative Fee) if a student pays for a defensive driving course, but does not begin the course, and:
  • In case of an online course, student is late with their course completion and didn’t receive an extension from the court; or
  • In case of a classroom course, student does not attempt to reschedule the class
In any case, the school will withhold a $15 Administrative Fee to cover the cost of processing any refund. The $15 Administrative Fee (refund fee) covers staff time, credit/debit card processor fees , contractor fees, bank fees, reporting registration information to the court of jurisdiction and the Arizona Supreme Court, registration cancellation, requesting refunds from the courts, and processing and distributing the refund.
Refund of court diversion or state fees shall result in restoration of the student’s eligibility for a defensive driving course.


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